Rules and Legal

Rules and Legal

Andersonville Dog Bar


Each dog must have a current membership abiding to the up to date status of the veterinary necessities listed below. It is the obligation of the owner, not the facility, to ensure these are kept up to date. No entrance will be allowed in the event a dog gets behind on their vaccinations and memberships cannot be frozen or terminated for this reason. Come on y'all, we must do what's best for our pets.

General Rules

  • Before entering the facility please allow your dog to visit the "Elimination Station" just North of the entrance. You will be expected to clean up after them with the provided garbage bins and bags onsite.
  • Keep an eye on your dog(s). They are your responsibility. No owner can be inside while their dog is outside and vice versa. Bark Rangers are there to ASSIST in fun time play. Not babysit your dog.
  • Please clean up after your dog immediately with the sanitary materials located throughout the park in the event your dog does their business, indoor or outdoor.
  • If you happen to see any "business that's not being attended to," please notify the dog owner or a member of staff to sanitize the area.
  • When it comes to aggressive play, please intervene on you dog's behalf before it gets to a point of escalation. Bark Rangers will be educated on seeing it develop and may ask you to take action to deescalate.
  • Please do not bring treats / bones / chewables from home with you to the park. No toys are welcome .
  • Dogs must be kept on-leash in the entry areas.
  • Dogs can be off-leash while in the park area but owners are welcome to keep them on if resting at tables
  • We are a 100% non-smoking facility. Vaping outdoors is tolerated. Marijuana is not.
  • Staff reserve the right to ask any owner to take a time out from the park area for aggressive behavior, excessive barking, or any behavior that does not coincide with our priorities of safety and comfort.
  • In circumstances where your dog is behaving inappropriately even after a time-out is taken, it is time to go home and come back another day. Please be self-policing in these matters as we prefer not to make this kind of request to a guest but will not hesitate to do so when and if necessary.

Canine Safety and Owner Responsibility 

  • Much like the public spaces in the City, all pet owners are solely responsible for monitoring the behavior and well being of their dog(s) while present at Dog Pub.
  • While all staff members are trained to identify aggressive behavior and to intervene if necessary, neither the Dog Pub staff nor Dog Pub as a company can be held responsible for the behavior or actions of any dog.
  • The best and only way to properly deal with aggressive behavior is to see the warning signs and intervene before it occurs.
  • The following behaviors are examples of, but are not limited to, signs that a dog is anxious, scared, or may become aggressive:​
    • Flattened ears and pointed toward back of head
    • Body lower or closer to ground than usual
    • Nose wrinkled / displaying teeth
    • Tail ​rigidly pointed toward ground or tucked securely between legs
  • Dogs communicate through body language. The following behaviors indicate that your dog is comfortable, relaxed, and feels safe:
    • Tail wagging freely and loosely above body​
    • Ears upward (not forward or backward) and relaxed or flopping freely
    • Head high, tongue hanging freely out of open mouth
    • Body posture is overall relaxed
    • Running upright with long smooth strides, trotting, or galloping
  • All owners should familiarize themselves with the differences in body language between safe play and aggressive play and should be proactive about the comfort and safety of their dog and others.
  • There are times when dogs may be playing aggressively but still enjoying themselves. Call your dog away if you feel that your dog is being too aggressive with another or vice versa.
  • It is your responsibility to prevent any incidents involving aggressive behavior by or toward your dog. Every guest wants a safe and comfortable environment for their pup and communication with other owners is encouraged and necessary.
  • Any and all incidents should be reported to the Dog Pub staff immediately.  We will review our surveillance and security system if necessary.
  • The following behaviors are prohibited in order to prevent further escalation to aggressive behavior:
    • Mounting​
    • Excessive Barking
    • Collar biting
    • Charging / Ramming

Vaccination History

  • Owners are required to submit full vaccination records in writing from your veterinary office for each dog they intend to register. Entry to the park will not be permitted until a member of staff manually approves them in our system. 
  • Dogs one year of age or older must be spayed or neutered prior to admission to the park.
  • We strongly suggest sending records in advance in order to expedite the approval process. We will notify you of approval by e-mail for your records.
  • All dogs must be registered with the city of Chicago prior to membership activation.
  • You or your vet can scan and e-mail records to or present physical copies to the front desk during your first visit.
  • If presenting documentation and registering at our facility PLEASE come between the hours of 3-5 M-Th or after 8:30 pm, Before noon on Saturday and Sunday are also suggested.

All Requirements

    Rabies, Canine Distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough) required
  • FLAT-BUCKLE COLLARS OR HARNESSES ONLY -Prong, pinch, choke, chain,  muzzle, & electric collars are prohibited
  • MUST BE SPAYED OR NEUTERED BY ONE YEAR OF AGE - We will consider a vet’s note recommending a pup should wait
  • MUST BE AT LEAST FOUR MONTHS OF AGE - Exceptions for Dog Pub puppy event
  • MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A HUMAN - Max of 2 dogs per registered owner(s)